Soriana will offer free WiFi in its 824 stores


Soriana, the first Mexican chain of supermarkets in the country, is the pioneer in providing free Wi-Fi connection in its 824 stores for its more than 714 million annual customers.

The Mexican chain of supermarkets, Soriana, is the first store to offer Wi-Fi for free in its 824 stores.

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In order to have data on customer purchases as well as the arrival of promotions and direct offers on items to consumers’ smartphones.

The wireless internet connection service is supplied by WaveMAX, who are leaders in shared WiFi network service . Under its patented SharedFi technology, which takes advantage of artificial intelligence and automatic learning of buyers’ purchasing data, Soriana will be able to have meaningful and intelligent interactions with its customers, while at the same time increasing service levels.

To access the free network, customers must connect to the WiFi network of the store through the SharedFi application . Once the client registers, the solution will identify his profile in order to offer digital promotions to his measure and interest. The implementation will be carried out in stages, thus achieving by the end of 2018 to be present in all the stores of the different formats.

Source: El Economista

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