Rains knock down three bridges in Culiacán


Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With the rains of Tropical Depression 19-E, three pedestrian bridges colapsed across the Chulavista canal and several divisions were cut off along the river.

Residents of Prados del Sol 1 are trying to replace a bridge on their own, The bridge was next to the stream connecting Prados del Sol with Valles del Real subdivision.

They paid a backhoe and a crane from their own pocket, to make a mount of earth next to the wall where the bridge came off.

Roque Alejandro Diegues is one of the residents who paid with his own money to provide a safe passage for his friends and neighbors.

“Women, senior citizens and children of Valles del Real have to cross the dangerous stream to go to the store or the tortillería. With the recent rains, the stream carries a lot of water, and it is highly dangerous because it could grow suddenly”, Alejandro Diegues said.

Source: El Debate