Mazatlan´s beach sweeper makes it to Cerritos


The beaches of Avenida Camarón-Sábalo, are being cleaned by the municipal authorities with a beach sweeper.

“The beach sweeper finally reached the area of ​​Cerritos in order to provide a greater depth of cleanliness that was much needed,” declared Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of the Operadora de Playas de Mazatlan.

“The rains in the mountains, have dragged a lot of garbage, debris and branches to the sea and our beaches. But we finally managed to enter an area that was difficult to access in order to clean it up, “he described.

La barredora de playas, la única que funciona, logró llegar al área de Cerritos

The “barredora” managed to reach the area of Cerritos

“We are evaluating the possibility of taking the machinery to other points of the Mazatlán certified beaches”, said Wenceslao Narciso and Víctor Hugo Cenovio Portugal, operators dedicated to the Beaches Clean Up Operation.

The short-term project of the Operators, is to extend the cleaning process with the machines all the way to the Riu hotel, located at the end of the Cerritos beach area, a strategy that they are still analyzing due to the difficult access to the area.

Source: OEM