Tunnel used for drugs and people trafficking from Mexico to the US discovered in Baja California


TECATE, BC, September 20, 2018. – As a result of field research work and information exchange derived from an anonymous report to 089, the Baja California State Preventive Police (PEP) in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena ) and Secretary of the Navy (Semar) discovered a tunnel in the Jacume village (near Tecate Baja California) used for the transfer of drugs and people from Mexico to the United States

The tunnel located inside a home in the aforementioned town was discovered on Wednesday Sep. 19, by officiers of the PEP, who notified the facts to the corresponding authority and established a custody operation in the area.

Thanks to the intelligence work of the state corporation this would be the fifth underground passage discovered in the current administration headed by Baja California Governor Francisco Arturo Vega de Lamadrid used to commit illicit acts.

These actions are the result of the “Crusade for Security, everyone’s task” (Cruzada por la Seguridad, una tarea de todos), where coordinated operations between state law enforcement agents, the Mexican Army and the Secretary of the Navy continue to work against crime in Baja California with the securing of buildings, drugs, tunnels and labs.

The citizens of Baja California are urged to continue reporting to the emergency numbers 911 and 089 (anonymous report) on any illegal action or any incident that they consider illegal or suspicious.

Source: Gob. del Estado de Baja California