Attention: Alternative route to be taken due to the closure of Mexico 15

The Federal Police and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) close Mexico 15 highway to Los Mochis-Cd. Obregón, because the rains caused by Depression 19-E caused damages . At this time the road control works are carried out, diverting traffic to the Municipality of El Fuerte.

The state highway is in conditions of use for the transit of small vehicles and trucks up to 4.5 t, as well as buses .

The route

After taking the state road from El Fuerte to El Carrizo and 7 km before reaching the Carrizo, you must take a detour to the Ejido Revolución.

Then continue to the ejido Francisco Station and 100 meters before reaching the aforementioned ejido, take to the left and join the State highway that leads to the Chávez Talamantes ejido, which connects at the height of km 62 + 500 of the highway 1460 Los Mochis- Ciudad Obregón, section: Los Mochis- Don Station.



  1. To the leadership of Mexico.
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    On watering. I will produce cooled fresh water, and replenish it with all the rivers, reservoirs and groundwater: In the first year – 15%. In the second – 20%. In the third – 30%. And in the fourth – 35%. This will: Cool the territory of Mexico. Irrigate productive productive lands and pastures, and grow new ones.
    On protection from hurricanes. I will create barrier structures that will work on the directions from where the hurricanes come from.
    Other works will also be performed.
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