Again tourists are taken in police cars to the airport


Taxis block Atamsa unit in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Twice on Thursday, a unit of the Atamsa transportation service was blocked by several taxis.

Taxis block Atamsa unit in Mazatlan.  Photo: Roberto GIl

Taxi drivers blocked Atamsa’s vehicle  on Rafael Buelna Avenue, on the corner of Avenida El Toreo, in front of a well-known supermarket.

The unit that was blocked is a Van that took some tourists to the airport.

Taxis surrounded the van, preventing it from continuing its path.

The tourists were taken to the airport aboard a patrol of the Municipal Police.

According to Román Aguayo, representative of Atamsa, the first incident occurred at 4am Thursday, outside a hotel.