Mexicans prefer to invest in real estate


In Mexico, 82 percent of people seeking to change their residence prefer to buy a property, against 18 percent who choose to rent it, according to the Lamudi website.

Whether to become independent, create a family or for various reasons, changing their place of residence has an impact on the lifestyle and environment of the people, so it is a decision that should be well thought of, recommended the platform.

In a statement, Lamudi said that in its fourth Real Estate Market Report, Mexico City (18.7 percent), State of Mexico (10.6 percent), Querétaro (8.3 percent), Puebla (6.6 percent) and Morelos ( 5.6 percent) were the preferred entities for the purchase of properties.

He explained that the Millennial generation (21 to 34 years old) is the one that bid more towards income; since, according to the report of Styles of Life issued by Nielsen, it is affirmed that 26 percent of these people have presumptions of adjudging a house.

While individuals of generation X (35 to 49 years) bet more to invest in a property, for various reasons: the rate of desertion is lower labor, having more stable jobs and better paid.

Despite the preferences, in Mexico the price of new houses and apartments has skyrocketed as a result of inflation and the rise in construction inputs, so the financial capacity forces the inhabitants to be guided by the rental scheme that allows more flexibility in terms of payment and displacement, not being considered debt, he said.