Learn about the main economic proposals of AMLO


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, virtual candidate elected to the presidency of Mexico, made a series of economic proposals from his campaign. Real Estate Market & Lifestyle made a report on its government plan, highlighting the fundamental issues in economic matters, Real Estate, housing, tourism, infrastructure, energy and job creation, among others that will form its 2018-2024 Nation Plan.

Economic Plan

  1. Strengthen the national economy. Productive activities will be supported to improve purchasing capacity.
  2. Without corruption, development programs will be financed to strengthen the domestic market. An important change is that we will not buy what we consume abroad and what we consume will be produced in Mexico.
  3. Creation of the North Economic Zone along the entire border zone with the EU with a tax regime of 20% of ISR to companies and VAT of 12% to the industries established there, with the development of industrial parks with an expectation of attraction of investment of up to 30,000 million dollars per year.
  4. Excision of the Ministry of Economy in the Ministry of Industrial Development and Development and the Ministry of Commerce.

Real Estate Sector 

  1. Overcome investment in real estate development. They are going to have all the guarantees to invest and they have to double the real estate investment for the sexennium 2018-2024. An orderly urban development will be sought, with sustainability, with a balance between investment, jobs and respect for the environment.
  2. Promote development. “We will simplify procedures, we will trust the citizens, we will see the investor as good people. There will be no bureaucracy and we will work with confidence. We have had a very good relationship for 18 years with the sector. We started working with developers and especially with the Jewish community in Mexico, which are extraordinary and exemplary investors because they invest their resources in Mexico and generate well-being. “

living place

  1. Creation of a Housing Financing Plan based on the efforts of the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF).
  2. Creation of individual housing guarantee funds for the informal sector. (Nation Project 2018-2024).


  1. Construction of a Trans-Peninsular Tourist Train in Yucatan that encompasses the area called Mundo Maya.
  2. Creation of 6 new international destinations.
  3. Tourism-commercial qualification program for women.
  4. Creation of an International Tourist Standard.
  5. Establish tourist marketing agreements with 15 countries.
  6. Design 6 regional tourism brands.


  1. Realization of a Road Construction and Modernization Program 2018-2024 for 104.220 million pesos.
  2. Creation of the Transismic Corridor for the Integral Development of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
  3. Investment in physical infrastructure in railway, highway, port and airport projects for 40,000 million pesos.


  1. It will recover two refinery projects. One, the Bicentennial in Tula and analyze the construction of another one in the Gulf of Mexico that have production capacity of 300,000 barrels per day.
  2. Investment of 1,500 million dollars to rehabilitate three complexes.
  3. Use of Siefores (Specialized Investment Company in Funds for Retirement) to invest in CFE and Pemex.
  4. Increase the production of barrels of oil to 1.8 million daily.
  5. Suppress gas burning.
  6. Energy Transition to renewable energies through an Integral Community Strengthening Program that provides total access of Renewable Energies to 45,000 marginalized communities. 7. Installation of one million small capacity renewable energy stations for residential users. 8. Installation of 1,000 solineras (stations for charging electric cars) in the country. 9. Installation of 500 Technical Development Centers in Renewable Energies (CDTERs). 10. A small, mini and micro wind energy program with the creation of 350,000 jobs for this area.
  7. Rehabilitation of 63 hydroelectric plants, as well as the installation of 13 new ones, in addition to 112 small hydroelectric plants. (Nation Project 2018-2024).

Employment generation

  1. Creation of a national certification program for skills and competences for work.
  2. Creation of a national digital platform for employment intermediation to link claimants and suppliers. 3. Recognize companies that grant fair wages, in addition to certify the work.


  1. Reorient the unproductive public spending of the bureaucracy to investment projects of high economic and social impact.
  2. Establishment of a mixed public and private investment fund to trigger infrastructure projects through 30 high impact projects nationwide for the sexennium 2018 to 2024.
  3. Increase in investment percentage to regional GDP from 18% to 24%
  4. Attraction of FDI of up to 10,000 million dollars to two years.

Tax framework

“Taxes will not increase. It will not increase VAT, nor will new taxes be created. It is not going to increase the Income Tax, there will be no gasolinazos “. (Event ADI / 6 March 2018)


  1. Although NAFTA has had errors, it has been beneficial. The different areas bordering the United States must be attended to and the SMEs must be more integrated into the incentive schemes within the Treaty.
  2. Mexico would become part of the Asian Investment Bank following the examples of China, Japan and India to sell products to the US and Canada. (Nation Project 2018-2024).

New Airport

  1. Yes, it will support the completion of the New Airport, but an exhaustive review of each of the contracts will be carried out to avoid cases of corruption.
  2. It will make a consultation to ratify the works that are carried out in the NAICM.