Mexico’s 2018 rates for Migration Rights Payment


Dear Ex-pat or foreign friend:

Do you need to complete a procedure and cover the payment?

The INM facilitates the procedure through the Internet or the banking window, thanks to the electronic payment of Rights, Products and Use.

Current rates 2018 Existing rates 2018
Migration’s national institute
Publication date
December 21, 2017
The INM informs you, as every year, that the rates have been updated in some of their procedures. Know them!

We remind you that the INM does not charge for its immigration services, the Federal Law of Rights is the one that stipulates the fees for the payment of migratory rights.

Which procedures can you perform?
Currently, in the National Institute of Migration, with the implementation of new technologies, has the following online procedures:

  • Issuance of immigration document proving the condition of stay
    Change of stay condition
    Regularization of the migratory situation by family link
    Regularization of the migratory situation for humanitarian reasons
    Regional Visitor Card
    Border Worker Card
    Reliable Traveler Program Membership
    Replenishment of Migratory Document
    Exit Permit from the National territory for foreigners
    Issuance of immigration document by exchange
    Permission to leave and return to Mexico
    Renewal of immigration document
    Change of Temporary Resident by Permanent Resident
    Change of Temporary Resident Student by Temporary Resident
    Visa for Employment Offer
    APEC Bussiness Travel Card
    Issuance and update of employer registration record.



These are the main electronic addresses where you can find the forms or the necessary information to complement your procedures:

Embassies and consulates in Mexico
Multiple Electronic Migratory Form
Basic format
Visa authorization form
Child SAM output format
Format for employers
E5cinco help sheet
Printing of requests
Handbook of procedures
Fines and penalties
Offices and schedules
Countries that require Visa to enter Mexico
Countries that do not require a visa to enter Mexico
Temporary importation of vehicles
Sport fishing
SAE Electronic Visa System
Tracking of procedure
Request to stay

American Consulate in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Photo: Google)

Do not forget that the procedures can be done from any electronic device; If you have any questions, you can contact us through different means.

Payment of Rights, Subdirectorate of Delegational Revenues
Tel: (01 55) 53 87 24 00, Ext. 16218/16326/16516

mail: [email protected]