AMPI Mazatlán compiles the 2018 Real Estate Green Book


The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Mazatlán charter, has compiled the 2018 Real Estate Green Book, an informational tool for all those who are dedicated to Real Estate, and benefitting the entire Real Estate Sector: Investors, Expat buyers and the citizens of Mazatlán in general.

The Green Book is a compilation of average market values by areas for the entire city, based on our professional experiences and recorded transactions.

This Green Book serves as a guide for market value estimation in the different areas in which the city is subdivided, both for local, regional and foreign buyers and investors, but above all for the owners of property in Mazatlán. For this update, we added direct costs of construction for all types of projects without including contractor utilities to serve as a parameter for calculating estimated values, of course without prejudice in using the professional services of Real Estate Appraisers.

It will be similar to the Kelly Blue Book, used by car dealers, where a minimum value is established, which in the case of our Green Book will be the Catastro Value (property tax base value) approved for 2018 by the Municipal Catastro Board, of which we are its members, and an Average Market Value based on recorded sales transactions by notaries.

Cristina Velarde Tirado (Photo: AMPI)

This is a project of AMPI at the national level, but each chapter is responsible for its respective city. In AMPI Mazatlán, President LAE. Cristina Velarde ( is responsible for this project and has organized a working group led by AMPI Mazatlán Vice President Lic Luis Peraza ( and Dir. of Interinstitutional Relations and Government for AMPI Mazatlán Arq, Jesus Ernesto Guzman Gárate.

Luis Enrique Peraza Reyes (Photo: AMPI)
Jesus Ernesto Guzmán Gárate (Photo: AMPI)

At they will evaluate Technical Analysis, Average Market Values, Promotion, Advertising spaces for members of the real estate sector, and of course Design and Publication of this 2018 Real Estate Green Book.

The Goal of the Mazatlán Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals Green Book is for Real Estate operations to be transparent, informative, to reflect real market values based on recorded historical data, thus leading to honest real estate transactions.

Lic. Alfonso Galndo (Photo: AMPI)

Benefits of the Mazatlán Real Estate Green Book:

• The Catastro Value of the area where the property is located will be known and verified by the property ticket to make the corresponding fair payment.

• The agents, brokers and real estate developers will have timely information to calculate the payment of the ISR in the purchase transactions, knowing the Catastro Value of the area of the land and the final amount of the real estate purchase, having the cadastral or commercial value parameters of the land and the construction cost of the area, depending on the quality of the property.

• All property owners can have an estimate of the average market value of their properties within the city, which limits the speculation and overpricing of land and will prevent real estate overvaluation.

• Any buyer or investor interested in acquiring property will have an idea of the average market value of that lot or property and propose a fair purchase offer.

It should be noted that our Green Book does not replace the professional work of certified Real Estate Appraisers since it will only serve as a Consultation Guide of an estimate of value.

It is your own responsibility for your own due diligence working with a certified AMPI real estate professional, and Notario for a safe real estate transaction.

This Green book will go on sale in convenience stores in Mazatlán, Culiacán, and Durango, and we may implement a digital version that can be purchased directly at our AMPI Mazatlán office or in our real estate portal:

by Lic Alfonso Galindo