Sixth National Symposium of Historic Centers to be held in Mazatlan


The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) announced the completion of the Sixth National Symposium of Historic Centers that will be held in Mazatlan from June 7 to 9 this year with the assistance of 700 people related to the conservation and promotion of these historic sites nationwide.

Cristina Velarde Tirado, president of the AMPI, informed that representatives of the 32 entities are already confirmed, besides from a symposium for professional growth in the field of care, preservation and rescue of historic buildings, it is a cultural event, where the Management of Municipal Culture will support them with events so that people can enjoy and learn about the history of Mazatlan.

Velarde said that there will be international and national speakers, agencies in charge of preserving historical centers, as well as motivational conferencists who seek to motivate the professional growth of people and promote the cultural heritage of these historic centers.

She added that after the symposium these places will be marked as centers of family coexistence and art spaces, galleries, cafes and sustainable sites, that can generate income for the people of Mazatlan as cultural attractions.

Velarde Tirado said that a high economic spill is expected during the simposium. There will be trips and walks through the magical towns and yacht rides, in a series of activities that will leave a very high economic income for Mazatlan.

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