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Mexico City
Monday, June 21, 2021

Tlaxcala groups bring help to victims of Tabasco and Chiapas

With these actions we are united to add and contribute a grain of sand in favor of those affected by the rains and floods,...

This hotel brings the ancestral experience of Japan to Tlaxcala

The exclusive property was designed to coexist in total harmony with nature and under a self-sustainable concept. JapoNeza Retreat is the name of the hotel in Tlaxcala that...

Puebla and Tlaxcala are included in the Pescado Moctezuma Fish Challenge 2021

The route covers eight Magic Towns; It begins in Veracruz and ends in Mexico City. The states of Puebla and Tlaxcala were included in...

Bullsfights in Tlaxcala and La Chona

Tlaxcala and La Chona will have bullfights this month of December. A bullfight and a festival are already scheduled for Saturday 19 and 26 of this month. On December...

Gas plant explodes on the Stateline between Hidalgo and Tlaxcala

An explosion occurred on Sunday, November 29th, in a gas plant located in the community of Santiago Chimalpa, in the municipality of Apan, Hidalgo, near the Stateline with...

Opponents of the Morelos Comprehensive Project block the Siglo XXI highway

The plan, which includes a thermoelectric plant, a gas pipeline, and an aqueduct, will affect the environment and the local economy, protesters say. The peoples...

Five doctors from Tlaxcala will receive the Miguel Hidalgo decoration medal

Five doctors from Tlaxcala will be awarded the “Miguel Hidalgo” Decoration medal delivered by the government of Mexico to those who, due to their...

11 lost hikers rescued in Tlaxcala’s La Malinche park

Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala (November 11, 2020).- A group of 11 hikers, reported as missing in La Malinche National Park, were located and rescued by the Mountain Police of the...

This is the fantastic puppet museum in Tlaxcala

The history and tradition of puppetry in Tlaxcala is very old, as explained by Fausto Hernández Muñoz, director of the National Puppet Museum "Rosete...

Admire the fantastic murals of Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala

Cacaxtla is an archaeological site located near the southern border of the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. It was a sprawling palace containing vibrantly colored murals painted in unmistakable Maya style....