16.8 C
Mexico City
Monday, June 21, 2021

Neither Pepsi nor Coca-Cola have a presence in Guerrero’s Tierra Caliente anymore

Insecurity in the Tierra Caliente region of Guerrero has triggered the departure of another beverage company. PepsiCo closed its distribution center two weeks ago in...

Federal court rules tariff on solar panels must be eliminated

A federal court ruled on June 14th that the 15% tariff that had been imposed on solar panel imports into Mexico since 2015 must...

No Mexico fuel drop in foreseeable future

Mexico Gas Stations require more investment before gas prices will drop It will take another two to five years to attain a truly competitive fuel...

Mexico Breaking away on U.S. trade dependency

Only 9 states where the U.S. is not the country with the largest share in Direct Foreign Investment The uncertainty caused by the renegotiation of the...

American pork loses out to German pork

A shipment of German pork arrived in Mexico this week through efforts to diversify foreign trade. It was the first shipment to arrive since tariffs...

Mexico’s 2018 rates for Migration Rights Payment

Dear Ex-pat or foreign friend: Do you need to complete a procedure and cover the payment? The INM facilitates the procedure through the Internet or the...

Mexico, the 8th most visited country in the world

Excellent news for national tourism industry! Mexico has made the 8th place of the 2017 Most Visited Countries ranking, made by the World Tourism...

German cyclist Holger Franz Hagenbusch found dead in Chiapas

The body of German cyclist Holger Franz Hagenbusch was found on Friday May 4, in the same Chiapas ravine where the decomposed body of...