Authorities supported 300 people who were stranded by the rains in Mazatlán


The rainfall on Thursday and Friday officially marked the start of the rainy season in the municipality of Mazatlán, according to Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, the Coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection.

Approximately 88.4 millimeters of accumulated water resulted from the previous day’s rain, causing significant flooding in various streets.

During the period from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday until 2:00 a.m. on Friday, around 40 emergency calls from different parts of the port city were made.

Among the incidents reported were two vehicle rollovers—one on Rafael Buelna Avenue and another on Francisco Solís Avenue, fortunately with no injuries to the occupants.

Additionally, there were reports of a collapsed wall, power outages, three fallen trees, and the rescue of 30 people stranded in various vehicles, mainly on La Marina and Reforma avenues.

Approximately 300 individuals, who were leaving restaurants or bars at the time, were assisted and transported to the hotels where they were staying, as well as workers who were taken to their workplaces.

Ruiz Gastelum mentioned that the Meteorological Service predicts the possibility of further rain during Friday night

Source: Debate