Public Safety and Water Rescue carry out rescues of people stranded by floods


On its first day, the rain intensifies, leaving havoc on the streets and making it impossible for the population to move around

This Thursday at noon, the first rain of the year hit the port, starting with a light drizzle that then intensified and caused flooding in several parts of the city, leaving people stranded and unable to move.

During the night, the heavy rain continued, forcing people on the street to seek shelter. Throughout the day, several traffic lights were reported to have stopped working, although there have been no reports of power outages.

Civil Protection has recently confirmed that these events are not related to the effects of Tropical Storm Alberto, which has caused havoc in other states of the country. It also calls on society to drive with caution, given that wet roads can represent a risk of accidents.

Members of the Mazatlán Aquatic Rescue Squad are working hard to rescue people trapped by flooding on impassable roads.

Personnel have moved to critical points where flooding is frequent, providing help especially to visitors to our port.

Source: elsoldemazatlan