Down Under Gaming: Australians’ Preferred Devices for Online Casino Play


Mexico’s online gambling industry might be a little confusing and grey in areas at the moment, but it’s showing signs of being as promising as the Australian market. Indeed, there appears to be several opportunities for it, once the market and the legalities around it surround it.

If this happens, we could see the same type of sites be made available in the Mexican market as the reputed online casinos in Australia, where players are already enjoying significant benefits that include a positive gambling experience.

Many of the sites that are being used are being enjoyed through various different devices, making them accessible for Aussies. But, which of these available devices are the preferred option for players Down Under?

Australians still prefer desktops but smartphones on the rise

According to findings, Australians are still preferring to use their desktop devices when it comes to engaging in online casino and betting activities. It has been claimed that many prefer the bigger screen of a laptop or computer when playing casino games because they feel they can be more immersed in the activity. At the same time, the power behind the machine and the comfort that can be enjoyed for prolonged sessions have been identified as other key reasons why the desktop still reigns supreme for Aussies.

Nonetheless, there is clear evidence that the smartphone and tablet has started to close the gap and become the preferred devices for Australians who are looking to enhance their casino and sports betting experiences.

Some reports have highlighted that there has been a steady amount of growth since these devices were released, with one report suggesting that 22.7% of the 34.1% total of people who used the internet to place a bet or enjoy a game were using a portable device between 2017 and 2018. Data since then is a little harder to find, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it were higher given the advancements in technology and the changes in consumer behaviors and demands, especially as a lot has happened since 2018 that would have had an impact on the way entertainment is enjoyed (e.g. global pandemic of 2020).

Smartphones and tablets provide players with additional convenience and accessibility, as casinos are now available on the move with apps or mobile-optimized sites. This will have attracted many Aussies to using these devices because of the busy daily lives many lead. They may only have a short period of time in which they can play their favorite casino games, and getting to a desktop won’t always be convenient.

Could Mexicans follow the Aussie lead?

In terms of casino gaming, smartphones could be the way forward for the Mexican market once the iGaming industry begins to reach its full potential and more nationalists begin to play the games that they enjoy.

According to Statista, more than 95% of internet users in the country had revealed that they would use their smartphones as their preferred device to surf the web. This is perhaps unsurprising given the fact that approximately 80% of all Mexican households in the country owned a mobile phone as of 2022.

Desktop web traffic was still the leader in terms of volume, but there has been a clear shift in the way that things on the internet are being consumed across the country. As Mexicans begin to enjoy a market that continues to show promise and grow through a changing landscape, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many were to begin using their portable devices to play slots and table games, rather than their desktops, especially as they are preferred options for entertainment activities.

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