Mazatlán prepares for the rainy season; prepares shelters and rural roads: Mayor


Édgar González Zataráin says they are working to avoid as much damage as possible from the downpours, both in the city and in the rural area

Trabajadores de Servicios Públicos de Mazatlán

To minimize the impacts during the rainy season, the Mazatlán government is preparing with actions such as dredging canals, supplying temporary shelters, as well as maintaining local roads.

Mayor Edgar González Zataráin said that among the priorities of his administration this season is cleaning canals, a job that is making good progress, but also pruning trees that can cause power outages or blackouts in the city and rural areas.

“The issue of pruning trees with respect to the wiring, which is what causes power outages and blackouts. They are practically on the final route, almost ready. I think this week will be concluded and we will leave that more or less ready. If there are any large trees left, let people let us know and we, together with the Federal Electricity Commission, will address that issue.”

He pointed out that they are constantly maintaining the rural roads, since the rainy season forces the municipal authority to have greater presence and attention in the towns, since what is sought is to avoid them being cut off.

He also said that the temporary shelters in the city and in the rural area are already established by Civil Protection to be activated if necessary, while the DIF Mazatlán System is being equipped to provide better care to those who go to these spaces.

He mentioned that it is the DIF that is in charge of the shelters once they are activated, and as part of this work, it bought folding beds that are very practical, since previously the mattress was placed on the floor and this was uncomfortable for the refugees at bedtime.

Source: lineadirectaportal