This is ‘El Chapo Mexican Street Food,’ the restaurant named in honor of the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Israel


The former drug trafficker has been the subject of multiple narcocorridos, series, books, documentaries, and even the inspiration for more than one restaurant internationally

Almost eight years after the criminal career of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán came to an end, the former drug trafficker continues to influence aspects of everyday life. From narcocorridos, series, books, documentaries, and clothing, to Mexican food restaurants. However, it is noteworthy that this effect is not only present in Mexico but also in countries in North America, Europe, and even the Middle East.

For decades, the image of the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel has been used to promote various projects. One of the best-known is the concept of food establishments, which are usually located outside the country.

Although most of these have been located in the United States, in recent days the head of the British office of The Wall Street Journal, David Luhnow, revealed that in the port city of Haifa, Israel, there is also a restaurant inspired by the native of Badiraguato. Through X, formerly Twitter, the also former Latin America editor—born and raised in Mexico—shared a photograph of the facade of the establishment, where the name “El Chapo Mexican Street Food” can be seen accompanied by the image of the drug trafficker with a charro hat.

“I’m in Haifa, Israel, and I came across this,” he wrote.

As of the writing of this note, its exact location and the type of food it offers are unknown.

The establishment cannot be located through Google Maps.

Other restaurants inspired by ‘El Chapo’ In addition to the restaurant that Luhnow found while walking through the streets of Haifa, it is noteworthy that in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, there was also a Mexican food restaurant named ‘El Chapo’.

In that establishment, now permanently closed, alcoholic beverages such as mezcal, whiskey, and tequila were offered, while the dish section featured quesadillas, tacos, churros, chili con carne, burritos, nachos, and salsa.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, a city located in the United Arab Emirates, there is also a restaurant called “El Chapo’s tacos.” However, like the previous one, this one does not have the image of the drug trafficker, only the name is used.

According to its website, on Saturdays they have a theme titled “Los Chapitos family brunch”; a service that is offered every Saturday starting at 12:30 p.m. The importance of Haifa for Israel Haifa, located in the north of Israel on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the third-largest city in the country. Distinguished by its diverse topography, Haifa extends from the beaches to Mount Carmel, offering a unique mix of natural landscapes.

The port of Haifa, one of the largest and most technically advanced in Israel, plays a crucial role in the country’s economy, facilitating both international trade and being a strategic point for the local industry.

Additionally, Haifa is a center of education and research, home to the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, globally recognized for its innovations.

Culturally, Haifa offers a rich variety of activities, from museums and art galleries to festivals.

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