Mazatlán: Drought affects 14 communities, Jumapam delivers water in trucks and asks to take care of the vital liquid


After inviting the population to take care of water, the general manager of the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán, Jorge González Naranjo, indicated that they are already delivering water in trucks to 14 communities in the rural area of the municipality.

Due to the drought that has been intensifying over the last four years, they bring water to families from the towns near the El Habal.

The official indicated a month ago that there were 11 communities affected by the drought, today there are already 14 and this could reach 17.

It was explained that every week they bring two trucks with water to each community, seeking to fill the tank for each family per trip so that it is enough for their main needs.

They are trucks of 5,000 and 10,000 liters of the liquid, which they bring to the inhabitants of the rural communities during the drought.

He reiterated the insistence on inviting the population to use only the water they need, not to wash sidewalks, streets, and vehicles with the hose, and those who are detected doing so are given a warning if it is the first time, but if they are repeat offenders, the corresponding fine is applied.


The sanctions range from a warning, suspending the service, and fines that are up to 20,000 pesos.

The Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán is addressing the water leaks that are reported every day.

This is to avoid wasting the vital liquid, as they seek to optimize it so that it reaches all homes in the municipality of Mazatlán. The official insisted that they permanently maintain the program to raise awareness about water care for the good of all.

Source: Debate