In Mazatlán, access to the beaches is not blocked for free transit, states the mayor


Mayor Édgar González Zataráin said that agreements are being sought with musicians to avoid confrontations with the hotel sector.

The access to the beaches is not blocked for free transit, assured Mayor Édgar González Zataráin, after a condominium tower placed a sign warning that hiring musical bands in front of the beach area is prohibited.

He said that to avoid confrontation, they are seeking agreements with musicians and businessmen because everyone has the right to work; he added that it is not about removing the musicians but organizing them to avoid complaints from hoteliers, but especially from guests who visit Mazatlán to rest.

“What I do tell you, the access to none of the beaches is blocked for transit. Citizens can move freely and come and go, and what they tell us (the hoteliers), is the recommendation for guests not to hire bands, that’s what some tell us. ‘What we are putting up is so that guests do not hire bands’, but…”.

The municipal president said he does not know if this beach area is concessioned, as the condominium tower claims, much less what it encompasses or includes in terms of its use, so they will request information from Semarnat to avoid violating the law.

He pointed out that the federal authority, through Semarnat and Profepa, has been permissive because these agencies have granted excessive permits to beach vendors and concessions for the construction of palapas and restaurants in this area.

“I have said it myself that the authority has been permissive, which authority? Semarnat, which from the beginning started to generate excessive permits for vendors, began to give concessions for restaurants and palapas excessively, we have said it, I have said it. It has been permissible, yes; it has given too much, yes…”.

He mentioned that the musicians’ unions have been receptive to the proposals presented at the first meeting they had with authorities, philharmonic musicians, and tourist business owners, such as stopping playing at 7:00 p.m. and sectorizing the beach area for a certain number of bands.

He added that local musicians have pointed out that it is the outsiders who cause disorder on the beach, as they are not aware of the established agreements, so they will seek to regulate them and issue badges to local music bands so that they can work without major problems.

Source: Linea Directa