What date will Dairy Queen give out FREE ice cream?


Ice Cream Day is celebrated all over the world in March and we will tell you when you can buy it.

One of the favorite desserts of children and adults is undoubtedly ice cream, which means that you should know that there is a date when you can have one for free and we will tell you how to get it at Dairy Queen.

In March there is a special day that celebrates the existence of ice cream and its faithful companion, the ice cream cone, which means that Dairy Queen has the solution to have the best time.

Remember that this promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of each of the branches as well as the availability of the cones that are intended for this day.

​When can I go get free ice cream?

Like every year, Dairy Queen prepares a promotion that you should not miss if you are one of the ice cream lovers and even better, if it is free.  

According to what was posted on the ice cream brand’s social networks, it is important that you know when the exact date is, although it is unknown if this promotion will be valid until March 30.

The date on which you can receive a free ice cream will be next March 14 and it will be available in all the brand’s branches, which means that you can go to the nearest one and eat a free vanilla ice cream cone.

Since when are free cones given away?

You should know that this is a celebration that takes place only at Dairy Queen and that the brand has been the pioneer, not to mention that so far there is no direct competition with it.

Will there be other promotions at Dairy Queen?
So far, it is unknown if there will be different promotions that same day, which means there could be more surprises for people who come.

What time will there be free ice cream?
Although this has not been confirmed, we recommend that you be aware that this day you could spend several hours lined up at the counters, so come early and don’t despair to get the free Dairy Queen cone on March 14.