There is resistance from tourists to abide lifeguard recommendations: Mazatán Aquatic Police  


During the special security operation for the summer holidays, it was necessary to apply sanctions 

The special security operation in the beach area faced many difficulties, because the bathers themselves did not comply with the recommendations of the lifeguards and it was necessary to send them to Barandilla. 

The coordinator of the Aquatic Police in Mazatlan, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, highlighted that during the summer operation, the priority idea was to safeguard the physical integrity of the visitors, for which reason in some cases it was necessary to act in accordance with the Police and Government to be done.   

During the 55 days of actions, the presence of bathers exceeded 280,000 visitors distributed along the coastal strip; there were 43 alerts to intervene and save 31 people, in addition 15 medical attentions were recorded; Six missing minors were also found and were later handed over to their relatives. 

Espinoza Bastidas acknowledged that the security operation presented complications with tourists who ignored recommendations and rules for being on the beaches, mainly for being under the influence of alcohol, entering the sea with inappropriate clothing, stayed outside the established hours, and causing acts of inconvenience. 

Espinoza reported that they took approximately 30 people before the Civic Judge who applied their corresponding sanction. 

And on the subject of visiting the beaches after the allowed hours, he explained that two people lost their lives, so in this situation it was necessary to extend the tours during the night. 

The waves expelled a total of 10 marine animals, three dolphins and seven turtles, so to avoid bad odors and image to visitors, the lifeguard personnel chose to bury the species in the sand following the corresponding protocol. 

Coordinated with Civil Protection and the Port Authority, the Aquatic Police was also constantly monitoring sea conditions due to the presence of hydrometeorological phenomena, where on some occasions it was necessary to warn about the closure of beach activities in order to avoid emergency situations.  

Source: Linea DIrecta