Mazatlán will receive tourist cruises with greater capacity, affirms the head of Sectur-Sinaloa, Rosario Torres Noriega


Orlando, Florida.- Mazatlan will begin to receive tourist cruises with greater capacity, while elements will be sought for Topolobampo that contribute to the reactivation of cruise ships in this port, informed the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rosario Torres Noriega.

This, she said, are the favorable results of the meeting he held with the president of the Florida and Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), Michel Paige and the Vice President of the same body, Adam Cesarano.

From September 12 to 14, Rosario Torres Noriega together with Sectur’s Director of Special Projects, Jorge González Olivieri, held working meetings with shipping line executives, including: Giora Israel, Senior Advisor of the Carnival Corp group; José Negron, Vice President of Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line; Carlos Estrada, Director of Commercial Operations for Carnival Cruise Line; Ruben Olmos of Global Nexus; Melissa Villareal from Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, and with the shipping agent, Arturo Mussi.

They were meetings related to the topic of attracting tourist cruises, in which they had the opportunity to know the opinion of the shipping lines about their activity in Sinaloa, defining the following points for improvement: Training of tour guides and the creation of spaces beach for cruisers, (beach club).

On the part of the shipping companies, “we were made aware that there is a need to hire personnel for cruise ships due to the restart of operations, which may be an opportunity that we take advantage of to invite the shipping companies to consider Mazatlán as a personnel recruitment point. ”, exposed the head of the Sinaloa Sectur.

Regarding Topolobampo, he announced that they will soon meet with the Mayor of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, and with the authorities and companies involved in the arrival and attention to cruise ships to look for elements that contribute to the reactivation of cruise ships in this place.

For this, the shipping agent, Arturo Mussi, president of the Mexican Association of Companies for the Attention of Tourist Cruises (AMEPACT), will be invited to be part of the team and contribute elements that favor the reactivation of cruise ships.

The Mazatlan Post