Political parties fall short in the inclusion of the LGBT community 


In Mazatlán, it is evident that there is a lack of openness and opportunities in politics for this sector, assures the municipal coordinator of Attention to the LGBTTTIQA + Community 

MAZATLAN. – Despite the efforts made to achieve the inclusion of the LGBT community in all spheres of society, especially in the political sphere, this continues to be a point where a greater effort will is required to establish concrete spaces for members of this sector in the population. 

Israel Tavera Posadas, municipal coordinator of Attention to the LGBTTTIQA+ Community in Mazatlán, stressed that the lack of openness and opportunities in politics is evident. There is a low level of involvement by this sector of the population to obtain and maintain their participation in the political arena. 

“The call here is to look for spaces that benefit the entire community. Lack of drive and desire. It is possible that the will is not lacking, but rather the support on the part of the various political parties, so that they offer a real opening to the members of the community “, she emphasized. 

She said that despite the Electoral Tribunal establishing some guidelines to grant spaces to marginalized or vulnerable groups, an even stronger integration is required. This must start at the bottom, such as in the city hall or the councils. 

The official stressed the importance of this social group participating in politics through different proposals that benefit citizens. In this way, it will be shown that they are important, capable and intelligent elements that can contribute to public policies in favor of society. 

Tavera indicated that in the context of Mazatlán, the participation of the LGBT community in the political arena is limited. She pointed out that the port needs a greater number of spaces that meet the needs of the community. 

   Source: Punto