Playa Cerritos in Mazatlán: this is the dangerous area where the daughter of “El Flaco” died, former vocalist of Los Recoditos 


Some Mazatlán beaches are not suitable for bathers. 

Mazatlán has beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, but it also has the most dangerous for bathers and proof of this is the Cerritos area, where the daughter of singer Luis Ángel “El Flaco” Franco, former vocalist of Los Recoditos, drowned. 

This is Playa Cerritos or Brujas, one of the most emblematic tourist areas of the port of Mazatlán for its beauty where the majesty of the ocean can be enjoyed, but which has been the protagonist of countless tragedies. 

Playa Cerritos and also Brujas, are preferred by surfers from the port and from abroad, for having good-sized waves, since it is a strip of open sea and has extremely strong currents that represent a danger for bathers. 

The huge waves on that beach always represent a danger for inexperienced bathers, since, if they do not know how to avoid them, they can lead them to certain death. 

Other dangerous beaches in Mazatlan 

On the boardwalk, the area of the letters of Mazatlán are, is one of the places in the port not suitable for bathers, perhaps it is the best for tourists who like to take their souvenir photo. 

However, for those who love swimming, it is a death zone, due to the stones and the rough sea that hits them with strong waves. 

In addition to the marine currents in the area. 

In the Golden Zone there is also a place not suitable for bathers, such as the area of stones, they represent a danger, they are between Valentino and Pueblo Bonito. It is not recommended to take a bath or any water activity in the area. 

Also, in Old Mazatlán there is a beach area that is not suitable to go in to enjoy the sea, since it has a rocky area that is very dangerous for bathers.   

  Source: Luz Noticias