Project of a commercial corridor with an expansion to Paseo del Atlántico Avenue 


MAZATLÁN.- With private and public investment, Paseo del Atlántico Avenue will be expanded to four lanes, which will contribute to a more fluid and efficient circulation. 

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin explained that this decision was made because the accelerated growth that Mazatlán has had in recent years has caused significant traffic congestion. 

He stressed that the most important thing about this project lies in the collaboration with the businessmen of the region, who joined the group ‘Por Mazatlán Vamos Juntos’, who have decided to donate part of their land for the creation of a new lane that will be of great benefit to all those who circulate in the area. 

     “Looking for the how if, not putting stones in the way, not being a hindrance as a government and today the city of Mazatlán is going through a critical situation in terms of mobility, it is an issue that is also reaching us very hard, the issue of the healthcare network and what needs to be resolved.”  

Raúl Ricardo Villavicencio, the architect responsible for Encanto Desarrollos, pointed out the importance of this work as it is one of the busiest avenues in Mazatlán and more so for all the developments that come. 

“It is a work that will benefit this sector on the Marina side and these actions that the mayor is taking are going to help us , we are happy to join, we are going to join another lane to expand and have more in this area,” he said. 

For his part, Jesús Manuel Santiago Osuna, director of Hospital Marina Mazatlán added that the congestion they observe is a measure of the growth of the city and that in terms of health the area has become a health corridor and these works will benefit said sector.  

The general director of Grupo Panamá, Luis Osuna Vidaurri, also participates in the project, who considered that the avenue is called to be one of the most important, hence the contribution that his group will make for the expansion of a fourth lane. 

Javier Tolosa, general director of Marina Mazatlán, thanked that since the project began, the municipal government opened its doors and today it begins to become a reality.

Source: Punto