Watch out here! Gran Acuario Mazatlán alerts about “fraud” in tickets 


MAZATLAN. – If in your vacation plans you plan to go to the Gran Acuario Mazatlán Mar de Cortés, be careful because this attractive alert about the resale of tickets at lower prices, but also purchased from stolen and/or cloned credit cards. 

Through social networks, Gran Acuario Mazatlán reported that tickets to enter the facilities are only sold directly through its website, which is, at the aquarium ticket offices and/or with authorized travel agencies. 

     “Banks have reported to us that there are people who use stolen or cloned credit cards to buy tickets and other merchandise, which they then promote and sell at lower prices through social networks and fake portals,” they said. 

Given this, he pointed out that the tickets purchased with these cards will be identified by the system and will not be able to access and, in addition, they will be reported by the corresponding authorities to keep the alert on. 

     “Do not buy tickets with prices lower than those published on our website and ticket offices. Avoid being part of a crime”, is the call of this tourist attraction. 

The prices for the premises are as of today: 

Adult 290 pesos 

Child 240 pesos 

The prices for tourists are: 

Adult 380 pesos 

Child 280 pesos 

 Annual pass: 

 The individual pass has a cost of 750 pesos 

 Individual Premium Membership: 

 Cost of 900 pesos 

Family annual pass 

For three or four people it has a rate of 2,000 pesos 

 Annual Family Premium Membership 

 For 2,500 pesos 

  Source: Punto