Children with cancer will fulfill their dream of knowing the sea… and it will be that of Mazatlán   


MAZATLAN. – Unity is strength and, on this occasion, in Mazatlán, dozens of companies joined together with “Simón Pollo” to fulfill the dream of 20 children with cancer from Saltillo, Coahuila. 

Jorge Lizárraga, known as “Simón Pollo”, mentioned that Mazatlán has become the destination par excellence for hundreds of families, but also a destination where dreams come true, and above all, where the sum of efforts brings great rewards. 

     “It is to fulfill the dream of 20 children with cancer, some in the terminal phase and to come to see the sea. Unfortunately, many children in this situation have the desire to fulfill some things, in their main case it is the sea, as a tourist port we have been headquarters of many dreams, but this is the biggest dream that we are going to realize”, he said. 

The arrival of these little ones, their families and medical specialists will be next August 11, and for three days the little ones will enjoy recreational and dynamic activities, to make it the best trip of their lives. 

“Simón Pollo” pointed out that among the activities that children will do are walks along the Malecón, stay in a hotel with a pool, courtesy meals in different restaurants in Mazatlán, fireworks show, yacht ride, in addition to having the opportunity to Get to know the “Teodoro Mariscal” Baseball Stadium, home of the Venados. 

Paul Luke, Marketing Director of Club Venados, added that these actions make Mazatlán a supportive and empathetic destination, which makes small, medium and large companies do not hesitate to join in when it comes to helping others. 

     “Sometimes they are actions that we see as daily, but they are actions that change people’s lives, in this case the 20 children, we have done many things, they will always have our support as Venados, it is the social link of what we have to do… the more we join the better we can do things,” he said. 

He took the opportunity to call the Mazatlecos to join, how? Being empathetic, greet the little ones if they happen to see them in any activity on the beach or in the street, applaud and motivate them and make a “wave” of noble gestures so that the little ones leave happy. 

Do you want to volunteer? 

Jorge Lizárraga added that anyone can join the logistics of the organization during the stay of these families, they just have to send a message to the cell phone number 6691599543 or contact Jorge on the “Simón Pollo” social networks. 

In addition, donations in cash and in kind are still received, with information in the same contact. 

  Source: Punto