Exofusión, young people from Mazatlan create a robot to help people with disabilities 


MAZATLAN. – Éricka Nohely Zamudio Osuna and Juan Alberto Ojeda Amador, Software Engineering students from the Mazatlán Regional Unit, obtained the highest award “Platinum Medal” in the Hardware Control category of the Infomatrix 2023 World Final, held in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

And all thanks to their talent when creating and designing technology in favor of society. 

The team presented the project “Exofusion: Multi-use robotic device controlled by an exoskeleton”, which led them to get first place in the competition, in which 2,640 team projects from 25 countries participated. 

Exofusion is a prototype exoskeleton that seeks to help people carry out high-risk activities and a useful tool for people with disabilities. This robotic device imitates the movements of its operator, through sensors that capture movement. 

In addition to the Platinum medal, the “Young Lynxes” obtained a pass to the Science Fair in Seville, Spain, considered the most important in Europe, which will be held in 2024. 

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin offered his support to the young people and congratulated them on their triumph, as well as handing them medals to recognize their efforts and for raising the name of Mazatlán worldwide. 

Infomatrix is a technological event that brings together a series of competitions worldwide, developed to promote the talent of children and young people who want a better world, through the development of entrepreneurial and innovative projects to solve economic, social, and environmental problems that afflict the world. In Mexico, the UAdeO is the organizer of the Pacific Regional Infomatrix. 

From 2017 to date, students of the Educational Software Engineering Program of the Mazatlán Regional Unit have participated in national and international competitions that have earned them 28 awards. 

Soon the young people, accompanied by their teachers, will travel to Chile and Seville, Spain, trips in which the City Council will support with uniforms and banners. 

 Source: Punto