Where will the new ‘dump’ of Mazatlán be built? 


MAZATLÁN.- A few days ago the mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar González Zataráin, communicated the urgency of investing in a sanitary landfill for the port, because the current municipal garbage dump is over 50 years old, for which reason work is already underway to locate a new place for the final destination of the waste, informed the Cabildo. 

In recent months several land proposals have been received in various areas, however the decision will have to be the product of the necessary technical studies and consensus. 

Once the most viable option exists, the commitment of the mayor Édgar González will be to submit it to the consideration of the council and socialize it. 

For this reason, he asked the population of the northern part of the municipality not to be fooled by the false rumors that have spread in recent days, that there is a definition to build the landfill in the El Habal union. 

The construction of the sanitary landfill is an urgent need, since the current dump has completed its useful life for a long time and must close. 

It should be noted that the sanitary landfill model in which we work does not generate pollution or bad odors in the environment. 

 Source: Punto