They arrest a gang of extortionists in Mazatlán 


The Ministry of Public Security reported that workers can request “protection” from the agency when making payments 

MAZATLAN. – Be very careful! According to the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, in Mazatlán there is a gang of extortionists who have already done their thing in the port. 

The municipal official explained that it is a criminal group supposedly made up of 6 people, two of whom have already been arrested, who operated with the support of firearms and mainly affected construction workers. 

The modus operandi is that they only work on weekends, days when the site managers pay their workers, who in turn usually pay in cash. These approach and intercept workers or the bosses themselves to assault them armed. 

As reported by Barrón Valdez, the band would be made up of people from Mazatlán and Culiacán; there is one case per week. 

     “It is a gang, we have already identified it, some also come from Culiacán, this is already being investigated. They do it on weekends, they wait for people who are going to pay them and they assault them and it only happens on construction sites”. 

The Secretary of Public Security asks the construction managers to change the payment strategy for their workers or to request help from security elements to provide surveillance support during the payment process to workers, since this is a free service that offers the dependence. 

     “We invite you to report, we already have located the vehicles in which they move and the recommendation is to those who pay to be careful and if they want they can ask us for help, there is no charge for this service, we are here to help.” 

 Source: Punto