Enjoy the pleasures offered by Plazuela Machado and the Historic Center 


MAZATLAN. – The Plazuela Machado and the streets of the Historic Center of Mazatlán never disappoint those who decide to have a good time of fun and relaxation. 

Either by tasting a delicious meal in one of its picturesque restaurants, those that are characterized by the colored lights hanging from their bohemian facades, or enjoying the musical bands that entertain with songs that brighten the soul and the night. 

These places have become a space with its own magic, and thanks to that, both locals and tourists know them as the heart of the port. 

One of the first things you should do when you arrive is take a tour of the Plazuela, see the different artisan jewelry stalls and, why not, buy some earrings, bracelets or necklaces that go with your wardrobe or personality. 

After that, you can sit on a bench for a while and enjoy the beautiful sunset, which is sometimes purple and pink. During that moment, you can buy yourself a coffee and enjoy an interesting and in-depth chat with that special person. 

Another of the must-see activities is to tour some of its streets, which are illuminated by lights and lamps that give it that magical touch, which will make you want to have a postcard to remember. 

If you want to continue walking, you can go to Olas Altas and enjoy the scenery it offers to those who choose to walk or sit down to contemplate one of the most beautiful views of the entire port. This is undoubtedly one of the favorite plans for both tourists and locals. 

You can also go into a restaurant around Plazuela Machado. We assure you that you will find excellent quality gastronomy, with dishes for all tastes, ranging from Mexican, Japanese and Italian food. All you have to do is enjoy to the fullest. 

Source: Punto