On alert for drought in southern Sinaloa 


Despite the fact that the first rains of the season fell in southern Sinaloa this Monday night, the state of alert for the drought in the mountain communities remains. 

The local cattle association reports that the highlands of the municipality of Mazatlan face a rather complicated situation, since the wells are drying up and the cattle have lost weight. 

Added to this is the fact that the Quelite River has very little water, so the ranchers have the entire month of June moving their animals around 2 kilometers so they can drink some liquid. 

The hope is that it will start to rain constantly, but apparently it will not be like that at least this week, since the tropical storm “Adrián” that was hovering in the south of Sinaloa no longer represents a danger to the national coasts, according to the Meteorological Service, so rainfall will not be a guarantee for the next few days. 

On the contrary, high temperatures will continue throughout the municipality 

And although no cattle deaths have been reported so far, the animals are not in the best condition. 

The situation is also difficult for farmers and milk producers. 

In the mountain area, the water is insufficient for the inhabitants of Mesillas, El Verde, Malpica, La Embocada and San Juan de Jacobo, up to where liquid has been carried by means of pipes. 

Let’s hope that the God Tláloc takes pity on the Mazatlecos, otherwise the red lights will have to be activated to combat the drought that is hitting it harder and harder, especially in the mountainous area of the municipality. 

The president of the Confederation of Associations of Farmers of the State of Sinaloa, Marte Vega Román, said on Tuesday that there are farmers who are selling their grains at the guaranteed price to Segalmex and the Government of the State of Sinaloa agreed: 6 thousand 965 pesos per ton of corn And he is pleased by those who have managed to market their product, but there are still many farmers who are in distress, since not all of them will be able to enter the scheme. 

These farmers, according to Marte Vega himself, are forced to sell to large industrialists at ridiculous prices, since there are those who have sold for 5,400 or even 5,200 a ton. 

In Sinaloa there are 27,000 registered producers, of which 13,000 are left out of the Segalmex scheme for having more than 15 hectares of crops. It is these 13,000 who are forced to sell at cheaper prices and do not agree to the guaranteed price scheme of 5,965 pesos per ton. It is these 13,000 producers ignored by the government who must sell cheap for not having access to these benefits. 

This situation contrasts with the declarations of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, who assured today that the situation of the commercialization of corn in Sinaloa is resolved, since industrialists such as Gruma, who bought one million 200 thousand tons from Sinaloan producers, while Cargill bought other 200000. 

Yes, they bought 1 million 400 thousand tons, but at derisory prices that leave the producers in the field at a level or even with losses. What a way to solve the problem, cutting prices and practically robbing farmers of the product of their work and effort. 

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan