Entrepreneur Juan José Arellano bets on the mezcalera vocation of southern Sinaloa 


MAZATLAN. – The idea of continuing to empower Mazatlán in different sectors at the national and international level is a clear goal for the president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE, Juan José Arellano Hernández, who stated that it is a matter of time before the south of Sinaloa, especially San Ignacio, Mazatlán, Concordia and El Rosario, can take full advantage of the denomination of origin of mezcal. 

The businessman participated in a dialogue table within the framework of the Canirac 2023 National Convention of Presidents and Executive Commission. 

He stated that the idea is to return to being one of the states with the highest agave production in the country, for this they will be betting on detonating the mezcal industry with a tourist route, to publicize the potential of the entire southern zone of Sinaloa, as well as adding more brands of mezcal to the market. 

Arellano Hernández commented that once the legal situation of the appellation of origin is resolved, which is in the hands of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, SCJN, different investments will be sought to detonate said industry. 

The Mazatlan businessman said that the denomination of origin of mezcal will bring more investment in tourism and gastronomy, so it is expected to work in collaboration with different businessmen to detonate the project. 

     “We want to create a group of local investors so that everyone can participate in mixology through mezcal and be able to recover what Sinaloa once had. This international recognition of said drink abroad, not only in America, but in Europe as well”, he highlighted. 

Invest in mezcal 

The businessman said that Grupo ARHE is creating its own brand of mezcal. 

     “There is a very important brand that was around several years ago, La Hormiga, and we recovered that brand, and we are going to start with La Hormiga and other brands and invite local businessmen to be able to team up and develop this part that would also be touristic” . 

He mentioned that a market study was carried out to measure the impact that it will have in the area. 

He also shared that the mezcal route will complement the existing gastronomic route. 

     “They are experiences, gastronomy brings experiences and mezcal will open the door to mixology,” he said. 

Source: Punto