Pacific Monarch is born, a 100% Mazatlan cruise for lovers of ecotourism


The businessman Emilio Hernández Kelly, reported that, if all goes well, in terms of permits and tests on the ship, this new service could be launched in approximately 2 months.

MAZATLAN. – In less than you imagine, Mazatlán could have its first cruise for adventure expeditions, especially for lovers of ecotourism and nautical tourism, it is the Pacific Monarch ship, from the Pacific Monarch Cruises company, which is 100 percent local .

The general director of the Tres Islas shipping company and promoter of this cruise, Emilio Hernández Kelly, mentioned that the company will be the first of its kind in Mazatlán, with a 32-meter-long boat that will take you around the bay of the port and in where you can snorkel, kayak and do many other things.

“It has a capacity for 150 guests, as well as cabins and other services such as a lounge bar and dining room, we intend this ship to be an icon of the bay of Mazatlán and that adventure expeditions are also carried out. We are forming a very interesting work team with oceanologists, tourists, and others to provide a good quality service in Mazatlán”, he declared.

Hernández Kelly pointed out that the idea is to have a flagship product in Mazatlán, which adds to the attractions that already exist, but which can take advantage of the nature of the bay from another perspective, more in contact with nature.

“We are going to have a flagship product, which will be here in Mazatlán, a tour of the bay to make it an iconic product and some dates a year will be two or three-night cruises in the Sea of Cortez, the Riviera Nayarita,” he commented.

Currently, the boat is in the area of local shipyards, giving proper maintenance, painting and coating; and the team is in the stage of navigation permits.

The Mazatlan businessman added that, if everything goes well and the appropriate permits are obtained, in approximately two months they could be making their first tour of the bay, with a price of approximately 1,500 pesos per person for the day tour, with specials fares for boys, girls and frequent customers.

In addition, the cruise can be rented for corporate meetings and social events under other rates; and later they will announce the rates of the routes outside of Mazatlán.

Among the technical data of the Pacific Monarch, it is known that it was built in the United States, with Detroit Diesel 12V71 (2) 750 hp engines; IGS passenger transport certification and self-inflating life rafts in case of emergency.

Source: Punto