Surveillance intensified in beach areas of Mazatlán


After the death of two people this week, the Aquatic Squad takes its precautions

Mazatlán, Sin.- After the death of two people in the Cerritos beach area, one on Sunday and the other on Monday, elements of the Mazatlán Aquatic Rescue Squad intensify surveillance throughout the coastal area.

The coordinator of the Aquatic Rescue Squad, Gustavo Guadalupe Espinoza Bastidas, reported that measures have already begun to be taken to prevent this type of event from occurring.

“Signs are being put up, such as warning signs and flags for people to be careful on the beaches of the port, including Cerritos and Playa Brujas, which is where two deaths have occurred in the last week, we are doing our part,” Espinoza Bastidas assured.

He added that despite the efforts that have been made in the last week, the bathers have not complied with the signs.

“What good is it to us that more signs are being posted if unfortunately, people are not respecting the flags, the signs, or the beach hours, there is a great lack of awareness and they do not care about the risk,” he added.

Espinoza Bastidas affirmed that there will be a strong hand for those who do not respect the regulations.

“People who do not abide by the instructions or are under the influence of alcohol will appear before the civic judge as punishment, we cannot allow these tragedies to continue to occur in Mazatlán.”

For this reason, he reiterated the call to bathers, tourists and locals, to avoid entering the sea in areas with a red flag and to respect the hours of the beach surveillance operation.

“It is important to abide by the instructions of the aquatic police elements at all times to avoid this type of incident.”

The hours to be in the beach area are from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. Before the closure, the lifeguards go through the beaches to notify bathers that they have to get out of the sea, but many of them return since the elements of the Squad withdrew.

During 2022, at least 283 bathers were rescued in the Mazatlán Sea, while another 10 lost their lives.

The Aquatic Squad is confirmed by 25 effective elements, distributed along the tourist strip to cover 32 beach areas.

 Source: El Sol de Mazatlan