Fraccionamiento Playa Sur will have its very modern drainage system


The Public Works Department reported that the pumping equipment for culvert 7 south has already been received and new tenders for these works, it will be made in the near future.

MAZATLAN. – The area of Playa Sur is getting closer every day to the modernization of its drainage system, as reported by Rigoberto Arámburo, director of Public Works of Mazatlán.

He mentioned that so far two submersible pumping equipment has already been received that will be installed in the 7 south well, which is located on Héctor González Guevara Street, in the well-known subdivision.

“It is with the intention of solving to a great extent the sewage system of our city. We know that it is a problem that in recent times afflicts all Mazatlecos, we have the reflection of wastewater runoff in many parts of the city”, he declared.

It is known that the Playa Sur area is one of the most affected by problems of overflowing drainage and flooding and that, for years, residents have expressed the urgency of solving it in order to live in peace.

Arámburo pointed out that the staff of the municipal agency is already working on the attachments and special connections that the pumps require for their correct installation, and they are carrying out assembly work, repairs in the electromechanical area and previous preparations to receive the emergency plant.

He added that, with the arrival of this team, they will start with the processes of new tenders to assign them, and that work will begin as soon as possible.

“Right now, Public Works is working on the 7 south culvert, on the 4 north culvert, and in the near future there will be new tenders for the modernization of other culverts,” he said.

The director urged citizens not to misuse the sewage system, both residential and commercial, since the cisterns are the collection of the residual system and waste has been detected that affects the network, also causing damage to the infrastructure.

Source: Punto