10 Places to Find a Summer Internship for Marketing Students


Summer is the best period to complete an internship. You will have the time and energy to learn everything you need and deal with many tasks. No doubt, an internship is the key to getting a brilliant job in the future as experience is of the utmost importance. In this article, you will find 10 places to look for an internship, as well as a guide to the most common responsibilities and tips on what to look for in an internship.

Many opportunities are posted every day, so check out the sites below to keep up to date. Of course, it will be hard to concentrate if there are approaching deadlines waiting for you. So is there a way out? You can get research paper help from a research paper writer and forget about low grades and angry teachers. Surely, with peace of mind, your internship search will bring much more results.

  1. Indeed

Indeed is a powerful platform to find everything you are interested in since it collects internship offers from other sites. Indeed is easy to navigate, and, most importantly, it’s updated non-stop. You can search by keywords and location. This is very useful if you want to do an outbound internship.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a top site that brings together professionals and corporations from a variety of industries. And of course, borders will not be an obstacle for you if you want to complete an internship, say, in Canada or Europe. Your LinkedIn profile is basically your resume, so give it special attention. Also, respond not only to offers but also be the first to start a dialogue, thus, write to recruiters directly. You can also chat with employees of specific companies to learn more about their experiences.

  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is more than a job search site – here, you will also find reviews of employees and companies, respectively. Insider information will give you a complete picture and help you decide if you want to be an intern at a particular organization. Also, do detailed research on the opportunities that are offered after the internship. To access the content, you need to sign in and upload your reviews.

  1. SimplyHired

All processes on this site are easy. Provide information about yourself, enter “marketing internships” and indicate whether you are interested in working remotely or in the office. But be prepared, the number of results may surprise you as there may be 700+ offers. The good news is that the offers include a salary, too.

  1. Intern Abroad HQ

If you want to do an internship in Central or South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, this site will definitely come in handy. Many companies offer accommodation to their interns and support them during the internship period. 

Remote vacancies can be found here, too. No doubt, you will find the most suitable option easily, you just need enough energy. So, rely on the best research paper writing services when the school load is enormous. That’s how outsourcing becomes a magic wand in today’s world.

  1. Workopolis

This Canadian job board was founded in 1999. Its best feature is that you can track the status of your application and see how many times your resume has been viewed. It also mentions the current salary or approximate numbers from third parties.

  1. Wowjobs

This site includes offers published in the US and Canada. You can specify criteria regarding publication time, employer, and location. Nothing complicated, just another platform you should try to make your research more in-depth.

  1. Google Careers

How about doing an internship at Google? But be prepared, most likely these will be offers outside the US. And if there are no interesting options on this platform, then study Google’s very own job board.

  1. iAgora

iAgora is dedicated to foreign internships. You will definitely have something to explore on this site since the number of options can go up to thousands. This kind of research will definitely take a couple of days.

  1. The Intern Group

The Intern Group is a UK-based company that offers global internships for candidates of all study levels. Here’s what you can find here: international internship programs, remote options, and independent traveler internships.

What Do Interns Usually Do?

Given that marketing is a broad field, there are both creative tasks and more analytical ones. Here is a list of the most common responsibilities: 

  1. Market research, exploring the competition and current trends;
  2. Creating a strategy for social media, working on a content plan and its implementation;
  3. Managing the editorial calendar;
  4. Internal communications: SEO, keyword research, on-page optimization, link-building, etc.;
  5. External communications: working on newsletters, infographics, and guides, maintaining contacts with journalists and publishers;
  6. Event planning;
  7. Analytics: coming up with performance reports and metrics. By the way, many online learning programs teach how to do it properly;
  8. Follow up through email and socials.

What To Look For In An Internship?

Many interns make the mistake of accepting the first offer even if the future duties seem boring to them. Are you a creative genius, but your company is looking for an analytics intern? It’s likely that you won’t be useful to each other. Therefore, when choosing an internship, consider your predispositions and expectations.

  • Practice key marketing tasks. You definitely need to take part in the implementation of marketing campaigns to see how it works from the inside. Agree, this is much more useful than just printing documents and making coffee. Choose a serious internship to learn a lot;
  • Autonomy. Do you have a lot of ideas, but are not allowed to implement them? Too bad. At the interview, be sure to say that you are looking for independence and want to realize your potential to the fullest;
  • Networking. Contacts with colleagues and professionals in this field are truly valuable. Connections and acquaintances open many doors, so get to know as many talented specialists as possible – this will definitely come in handy in the future.

In Conclusion

Considering that marketing offers a lot of opportunities, decide which sphere interests you the most. It can be social media management, public relations, influencer marketing, event planning, SEO, etc. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to become a better professional.

Next, work on your personal brand. Of course, this includes everything that can be found about you online: social media accounts, blogs and websites, resumes, portfolios, and reviews about you.

Another recommendation is to write a brilliant cover letter to be remembered by the recruiter and stand out from the crowd of other candidates.

Last but not least, prepare for the interview. Make a short story about your path and main achievements and tell what you expect from the internship. Also, prepare a list of questions for the employer because good communication is the key to success.

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