Big events are coming for Mazatán with good economic benefits


The director of the Convention Center assures that there is an agenda full of activities for this and next year.

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlán does not stop receiving good news. Thanks to the support of local, regional, and national clients, the interest in holding events in the city continues to grow, and this is reflected in the activities that have been carried out this year and those that are planned for the next, said José Alberto Ureña. Trujillo, director of the Convention Center.

He commented that a clear example of the interest in coming to Mazatlán was the Red Cross convention, which was held recently at the Convention Center, as well as events from local and regional companies. Currently there is InfoAgro, and soon the Agroindustrial Forum will be held, among others. There will also be concerts.

“We have many events of a local nature and one of an international nature, such as the Science Expo, which last year was in Dubai and this year is in Mazatlán. In addition, there are quite a few events of a medical nature,” he indicated.

Ureña Trujillo stated that good events are also coming next year, since Mazatlán has a great attraction and this is due to the investments that are being made, such as the New Mar de Cortés Aquarium, which is a federal work, as well as others from individuals who have aroused great interest.

He highlighted that these new attractions, such as the Observatory and the Aquarium, help the city a lot, but it is also important that as a city it continues to organize itself a little more to have good results and that visitors want to come back. What they are looking for are considerable clean and familiar destinations.

He mentioned that the topic of concerts is also very strong today, not only with the Convention Center, but also in other parts in the Teodoro Mariscal stadium, in the Kraken and the CUM.

“They are looking for us, but the stadium has also had two strong events, the CUM is reactivating and Pandora and another one is coming. That is what Mazatlán is about, that there is something for everyone,” he declared.

The director of the Convention Center stressed that the office of congresses and conventions that the Governor instructed so that Ricardo Velarde and Estrella Palacios would be in charge of bringing these important events.

Lastly, he added that all these events benefit the city, but you have to be able to keep up and take care of the issue of services. Air connectivity is important and today the perception of security is good, which is something invaluable.

Source: Punto