6 Things That You Can Only Experience In Mexico


The southern states of the US are often hugely popular among tourists. You have Disney Land in Florida to see and an area ten times the size of the UK to explore if you visit Texas. Head south of the border to Mexico; however, you will find lots more things you can do.

Mexico in Hollywood movies is often depicted as a yellow-tinged desert without much going on. Visit this country yourself, though, and you will find it to be a vibrant and colorful country to stay. Atrip away is nothing without experience, however. Fortunately, there is a lot to see and do in Mexico. For example, here are all the things you can only see and do in Mexico.

Day of The Dead Festival

The traditional Day of the Dead festival is something you can only experience properly when you visit Mexico, and if you arrive at the right time of year. The festival normally takes place on the 1st and second of November; however, it has been known to stretch on for longer if the atmosphere is particularly joyful. For instance, celebrations can start early on the 31st of October and continue until the 6th of November.

The Day of the Dead Festival takes place every year to honor the people who have sadly passed away. As such, you would expect the event to be quite a somber affair. However, The Day of the Dead Festival is quite the opposite. The tradition is used as both a celebration of life and death. Therefore, citizens take to the streets wearing colorful skull masks and playing their deceased’s favorite music. Food is also an important element, as families will often cook and share their ancestor’s famous recipes. The main purpose of the festival is to remember those who have passed on, and the Mexicans believe the best way to do that is with an upbeat party that lasts for days.


There are some people whose holiday isn’t complete without a day at the beach. Sadly, there is no comparing any of the beaches around the world to the ones found in Mexico. More specifically, you won’t experience any other beaches as picturesque as the ones found in Mazatlán.

For example, Playa Gaviotas is situated in a place known as the Golden Zone. This region of Mazatlán has some of the strongest sunshine throughout the year. This means that visitors can choose to spend their time here swimming in the ocean, surfing, exploring the coastal town, or relaxing while exploring PlayLive casino guides on their phones. There aren’t many beaches on the planet that allow you to experience all of this in one place, which is why Mexico is such a unique place to visit.

Aztec Ruins

Many history buffs will point to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt as some of the most awe-inspiring man-made structures on the planet. However, the crowds in Egypt can be quite hard to navigate. That is why you should try and see the Ancient Aztec pyramids in Mexico for a much better experience.

The most significant Aztec ruins in Mexico can be found around thirty miles just outside of Mexico City. This means that you can enjoy a city break too if you have come to Mexico to see the ruins. The Aztec ruins in Mexico are so old that they often pose a mystery to historians. Most experts have suggested that the ancient Aztecs of the Mayan empire chose to build in Mexico because nobody else wanted the land, Thew main reason for this is that the land wasn’t ideal for growing crops and farming. However, the Aztecs were able to build these structures to aid them in their survival. Many believed that the land had been blessed by their God, so temples and other places of worship were also constructed in this part of the world. Nobody truly knows why the Mayans left South America, but their structures remain to this day for tourists to come and experience.


It is a standard practice for most people on a night out to order a round of tequila shots. As such, most adults will have tried tequila at some point during their lifetime. However, not many have experienced real tequila from the source.

Mexico is home to a lot of delicacies, but none are quite as famous as true Mexican tequila. The main reason why tequila is brewed in Mexico is that the beverage can only be extracted from the agave plant. Unfortunately, such a plant can only be grown in a specific part of Mexico. Another key aspect of Mexican tequila is that it often comes with a worm inside. It may sound gruesome, but the purpose of the worm was to indicate that the alcohol was safe to drink. Therefore, you know it is real tequila if there is a worm floating at the bottom of the bottle. Sadly, you can only experience this type of authenticity in Mexico.

Copper Canyon

You are probably already familiar with some of the best natural formations in the world. Everyone has the Grand Canyon and The Dead Sea on their bucket lists. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

This group of six canyons is extremely popular among long distance runners. While it may not be as large as the Grand Canyon, many people also choose to visit Copper Canyon to try out its jump rock. This is a dangerously high rock situated near the water’s edge. As such, many daredevils often take to the rock to try the eighty-foot dive. Again, this is something you will only experience in Mexico, as there is no one around to deter the divers.


Mexico might not be on the top of everyone’s list as a holiday destination. However, there are certain things that are only unique to this part of the world. As such, Mexico is worth a visit if you are on the hunt for some new experiences.

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