Pericos, Badiraguato, La Noria and San Javier in the list of Stately Towns


The towns that aspire to receive the badge must have a Historical Center, cobbled streets, historical monuments, a deeply rooted festival, and a religious temple with history.

Culiacán, Sin.- In the list of towns that aspire to obtain the distinction of Pueblo Señorial there are communities from all the municipalities, among them the municipal head of Badiraguato, Pericos, La Noria, San Javier, Cacalotan Rosario and Tamazula Guasave, reported the Secretary of Tourism, Estrella Palacios Domínguez.

The distinction of Pueblo Señorial is granted by the Ministry of Tourism to those communities that enhance their beauty and are emblematic for their history, architecture, culture and traditions, this in order to beautify the space and attract local and national tourism by showing the benefits of the region.

Currently the Ministry of Tourism is close to launching the call for Stately Towns, however some municipalities, such as Badiraguato, have already announced their intention to participate in the contest.

“We are finishing the call for what the stately towns are, it will almost be ready and one of the candidates is Badiraguato, there are others like Tamazula Guasave, La Noria, Pericos, Cacalotan, San Javier, many more,” Estrella reported. Palaces.

Some of the characteristics established by the Secretary of Tourism for the towns to receive this badge are a Historic Center with a minimum of 10 old mansions, having one or more cobbled main streets, that its population does not exceed 30,000 inhabitants, having one or more historical monuments, a deeply rooted religious festival, a religious temple with history, and having lodging and food services (hotels and restaurants) to receive tourists.

By acquiring the status of Pueblo Señorial, the communities enter the tourism promotion and dissemination program in the state and at the national level, receive resources for the beautification of the space and improvement of public services, among other benefits.

“With this appointment of stately town, what would be achieved is to have one more distinctive that prepares them to attract tourists and would be integrated into tourism promotion when we go to fairs and exhibitions,” said the Secretary of Tourism.

Currently, the state of Sinaloa has nine Stately Towns, Choix, Villa de Ahome, Sinaloa de Leyva, Imala, Elota, San Ignacio, Cópala and Concordia, and four Magical Towns, Cosalá, El Fuerte, Mocorito and Rosario, located in the municipalities of the same name.

Source: El Sol de Sinaloa