In Sinaloa they formalize a committee to build decent houses at low prices


Territorial reserves will be sought in the municipalities, this to make purchase proposals to the State Government and thereby offer decent housing alternatives

CULIACÁN.- In a meeting, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya shared that the joint efforts between the State Government and the State Coordinator for Human Rights, Housing and Territorial Reserves, A.C., formalized the formation of a committee for the granting of popular housing.

The objective is that, through this committee, territorial reserves be sought in the municipalities to make purchase proposals to the State Government, and with this, advance the common objective, which is to offer decent housing alternatives with legal certainty for families of scarce economic resources.

It will be through the acquisition of land reserves available in the 18 municipalities that the State Government will acquire, which will be used to build houses or allocation of lots for construction.

From this committee, the cases of existing irregular settlements will be addressed with a social vision, and it is that during the meeting held by the Governor, together with the various organizations that have this purpose, it was possible to address specific cases from 15 years ago, where the Residents of the houses do not have the legal certainty of the properties where they live.

The state president received in his office the leaders of several of these organizations that have this purpose, such as Marco Antonio García Espinoza, coordinator of the Central Zone of Rastra Social Campesina; Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, leader of the Sinaloan Broad Social Movement (MASS); Noé Salvador Rodríguez Peñuelas, North Zone coordinator of the Organization Put Out the Fire; and Oscar Loza Ochoa, as representative of the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights of Sinaloa.

Source: Punto