They are ahead … The ‘little bird’ arrives at the beaches of Mazatlán


Fishermen in the area envision a favorable season for ‘little birds’, especially in May; Currently it can already be purchased at the pier of the Isla de la Piedra

MAZATLAN. – Have the “little birds” arrived yet? In an unusual way, the traditional fish the “little bird” arrived in the Mazatlan bay a week before, since the small billfish normally arrives in masse on the beaches at the beginning or middle of the month of May, which is highly anticipated by locals and visitor.

To the surprise of many, this good-natured species advanced on Mazatlan soil, as can already be seen at the Isla de la Piedra pier, whose fishermen assure that it never left, only that before they came out in fewer quantities in the catches everyday.

For them, the season for this fish looks good, it is even already being sold in some shops on this famous pier, who estimate that sales will reach a good point for this year, since this fish is highly sought after by the locals.

The fisherman Javier Estrada mentioned that the “little bird” had been caught for months, but with very little volume compared to today, in which a very attractive season is expected.

In the different shops you can see that a kilo of good-sized “little bird” is at 50 pesos, so next month is expected to be even better.

Javier commented that according to the latest catches from Las Tres Islas, a larger size is noted than in other years.

The fishermen highlighted that it is in the month of May when the temperature in the sea water increases, that the production of “pajarito” increases significantly, to the extent that the pangas overflow with the capture of said fish.

Normally the season of this product lasts the four weeks of the month of May, although this year it was brought forward. The main capture points are at the Embarcadero or Playa Norte.

Source: Punto