Sinaloa has an excellent tourist infrastructure: INEGI


During the holiday seasons, the state is crowded with tourists from all over the world, which leaves a great economic benefit

Sinaloa has an excellent tourist infrastructure in which thousands of visitors from anywhere in the world can enjoy the different attractions that the state has.

The tourist infrastructure is a set of facilities that contribute to an optimal development of tourism, which is made up of various tourist services.

Sinaloa, in addition to being recognized for being the largest agricultural producer, the tourism industry has been growing in recent times, especially during the vacation season, which is when thousands of tourists are received.

Mazatlán is classified as one of the best tourist destinations nationally and internationally, there are also other corners of the state that are perfect for vacations.

According to data obtained by INEGI, Sinaloa has 3 airports, 72 car rentals, 433 bars and canteens, 413 cafeterias, soda fountains and ice cream shops, 7 recreational camps and shelters, 72 nightclubs and discos, 522 gas stations, 414 hotels, 107 motels, 43 water parks, 45 pensions and guest houses, 1,643 restaurants and approximately 333 bank branches.

In the case of Mazatlán, they are preparing to receive a large number of people who visit the port during this long weekend, due to the commemoration of Labor Day.

In the restaurant sector, it is expected to have a 100 percent occupancy, as happened in the Holy Week and Easter Week holidays, where a great economic spill was left.

They also hope that the influx of vacationers will increase due to the upcoming inauguration of the new Mazatlan Aquarium.

The same is expected in Culiacán, since this weekend the first Balloon Festival will be held, in which an attendance of around 80 thousand people is expected, which will be very beneficial for the state capital.

They have also been implementing campaigns for tourist attraction, “Coloring Sinaloa” is one of them, as it seeks to give life and color to tourist places, strengthen local commerce, as well as promote the history and culture of some corners of the municipality.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan