Neighbors complain about garbage accumulated in Agustín Melgar alley


Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Neighbors complain about the cardboard hill accumulated by the Agustín Melgar alley between Allende and Degollado, in the city of Los Mochis.

The retired teacher, Rosario Cázares, pointed out that although it is true, after having asked the cardboard collector to remove that material, he simply limited himself to gathering it and putting it on a trailer, for which the situation did not change because that waste continues there getting in the way.

The complainant said that the houses that are in that alley are for rent; However, those interested in occupying them only ask and do not come back, because the first thing they see is a dirty, stinky area, which affects them since nobody wants to rent, “she stressed.

Likewise, she pointed out that regardless of whether the houses are rented or not, that accumulated garbage looks bad, but above all, bad odors are also being generated.

“We have already filed a complaint with the authorities, we have sent a letter in which we expose our disagreement; however, nothing is done about it, since the garbage is several months old and they do not remove it,” she emphasized.

The affected woman said that the situation is more complicated because there are several canteens around the corner and the people who consume in that place, when they pass through the alley, do their physiological needs and it stink a lot of urine.

“Unfortunately, the authorities have ignored forcing the owner of this garbage to remove it or for the authorities to go through this garbage that, in addition to giving a bad appearance, hinders passage, because the alley is very narrow,” she highlighted.

Source: Debate