Bikers fulfilled the tradition; they closed the Malecón of Mazatlán to dance the ‘Motorized Clown’


Despite the warning from the authorities not to close roads, the ‘bikers’ ignored it and danced in the middle of Del Mar Avenue.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Although there was a warning from the authorities to not to close roads, especially on Del Mar avenue and Zona Dorada, the motorcyclists turned a deaf ear and complied with what apparently has already become a tradition adopted in each vacation season in Mazatlan.

The Newscasters had access to a video recorded by a radio listener on Saturday afternoon in an area of the coastal strip, in front of the Malecón, where apparently the excitement of the bikers at the end of the parade was such that, they had to take it as a dance floor area.

Once the first notes of the classic song for parties, weddings and quinceañeras by the group Caballo Dorado began to sound, women and men took over Del Mar Avenue for a while to give their best steps to the sound of their ‘iron horses’ to the version of the ‘Motorized Rodeo Clown’, just at sunset, with no presence at least in the images, of any authority that prevented them.

Source: Los Noticieristas