Mazatlan registers a record on beaches: 140 thousand bathers in a single day


This Glory Saturday, the beaches of the port were bursting, there were 77,170 more people than last Good Friday; unfortunately there is no white balance anymore, due to the crash of a small plane that left a baby dead and five people rescued

MAZATLÁN._ The beaches of Mazatlán, from Punta Cerritos to Isla de la Piedra, registered the attendance of 140,100 people on this Glory Saturday, 77,170 more people than last Good Friday, which was a record in a single day, reported the Municipal Public Security Secretariat.

Although the SSPM did not report what method it uses to count the capacity of people on the beaches.

And it is that the beaches recorded good weather and calm waves, which caused thousands of families to come to spend a day at the beach. The beaches were covered with hundreds of multicolored umbrellas and families enjoyed the sea, the sand, food, drinks, and the musical band everywhere.

On the coastal walkway, the thousands of vehicles made traffic slow, most with their sound equipment at full volume.

Just last Good Friday, the one that traditionally registers the greatest influx, the beaches of Mazatlán registered a visit of 62,930 people, according to a statement from the SSPM.

This record of attendance on the beaches on Saturday of Glory, could already be seen coming, since around 10:30 a.m. there were already 1,235 people from Punta Cerritos to Isla de la Piedra, reported the Municipal Public Security Secretariat.

And at 12:00 p.m. this Saturday, the influx on the beaches of Mazatlán was 5,840 bathers.

But unfortunately, the Easter 2023 security operation, in which around 900 elements participate in Mazatlán alone, no longer has a white balance.

This Saturday afternoon, a small plane crashed into the Mazatlán navigation channel, leaving a dead baby inside the aircraft that sank and five people rescued, four family members and the pilot.

Source: Noreste