High expectations: FECANACO foresees historic economic benefits


Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of FECANACO in Sinaloa, mentioned that, for Mazatlán, the main tourist destination in the state, an increase of 38 percent is estimated in economical spillovers, more than in 2022, the year in which it collected 1.2 billion pesos.

MAZATLAN. – All the meat is on the grill for this holiday period of Holy Week and Easter, when the beaches of Sinaloa receive hundreds of bathers, and why not, also the commercial sector, at least that is what the Chambers Federation hopes, which estimates an economic spill of 2 thousand 322 million pesos.

Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of FECANACO, mentioned that expectations are high and mainly in Mazatlán there will be an increase in occupancy, spending per person and economic benefits, even exceeding 2022, which raised 1.2 billion pesos.

“This income includes capital income from lodging, consumption in restaurants, entertainment centers, self-service stores, public transportation, recreational activities, department stores, bars, nightclubs, groceries, markets, sales of accessories, souvenirs, and handicrafts,” he declared.

Hernández Fonseca pointed out that the flow of visitors to the beaches throughout the state is estimated to increase by 25 percent. According to data collected by FECANACO itself, Navolato received just over 400 thousand visitors on its beaches, Altata, Nuevo Altata, El Tambor, Yameto and El Tetuan.

The Guasave beaches had in 2022 around 176 thousand visitors in Las Glorias, Bellavista and Plan Derio; 120 thousand attended in Ahome in Maviri, Topolobampo, San Juan and La Biznaga.

While in Culiacán there were 86 thousand people on the beaches of Ponce, Vigía, Imala and the Sanalona dam; while in San Ignacio there were 46 thousand 106 Visitors who arrived at Barras de Piaxtla, Hinchahuevo, Las Tinajas and Las Labradas.

“Mazatlán perceives most of the tourism in the entity, through the Marble booth we receive tourists from the north of the country, while drivers from Mazatlán-Durango who travel through the economic corridor come through the Mesillas booth north,” said Hernández Fonseca.

What sells the most at Easter?

The president of FECANACO explained that the most consumed items will be Styrofoam coolers, alcoholic beverages, candies, loaves of bread, crackers, toast, soft drinks, ice packs, as well as personal hygiene items, sunscreens, towels and sand toys.

While, in restaurants, the most consumed dishes will be aguachile, zarandeado fish, shrimp ceviche, barbones tamales, horchata water and tejuino.

Source: Punto.mx