Neighbors of Cerro de la Nevería in Mazatlán are on alert for poles at risk of collapsing


The problem has been in the settlement for more than six years, even some time ago one already fell in the middle of Jesús Carranza street

Mazatlán, Sin.- A couple of poles belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission are on the verge of collapse, which causes fear among the inhabitants of Jesús Carranza street, located on Cerro de la Nevería in Mazatlán.

A housewife from Jesús Carranza street affirms that this situation has been going on for more than six years, and that despite the multiple reports that have been made, no one has come to address the problem.

“I have never seen that someone comes to check these poles, it is a very big risk because they are about to fall, every day they are more crooked, the neighbors who live here have reported it, because there are those who are from outside and only come on vacation, but those of us from Mazatlán are already tired of being ignored,” said Betty Hernández, a resident of the place.

In addition, the neighbor points out that this situation represents a serious risk, especially due to the many tourists, and public transport that travel through the area.

“These poles represent a great risk for the people who normally pass through or live in this area, even though it is a quiet street, many people pass through here, charioteers and buses, who go to the restaurant that is nearby, there are also people that exercise, it is a risk, and they will not work on it until a tragedy happens,” added the neighbor.

Even though there are two leaning poles, there is another one that fell in the middle of the street approximately five months ago, the same residents being the ones who pushed the post to one side of the street, after some days later when workers from the city council came to clean the disaster that was in the street.

“A pole fell in the middle of the street, I don’t forget that it sounded very ugly, it took about two days to put it aside, until the neighbors got tired and put it on the sidewalk, and later workers from the city council came to clean up, but up to that point, they did nothing else,” added Betty Hernández.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan