More development! Grupo ARHE will invest for the construction of an electrical substation


The MLC, the industry and the residential area of northern Mazatlán will benefit from the work

HERMOSILLO.- In order for the energy supply of the Mazatlan Logistics Center to be guaranteed, a substation will be built in the area, which will benefit not only this project, but also the industrial and housing sectors.

This was announced by Maestro Juan José Arellano Hernández, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE, after meeting with the manager of the Northwest Division of the National Electricity Commission, Marco Antonio Osuna, and who was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Public Works Economic of Sinaloa, Felipe Carlos Ibarra Retamoza.

Arellano Hernández assured that Grupo ARHE will invest 180 million pesos for the construction of the electrical substation, because they want to go hand in hand with the Government of Sinaloa and Governor Rubén Rocha Moya in the development of Mazatlán and the entity.

For this reason, he said, they sought the endorsement, the permission of the CFE and the validation of the National Center for Energy Control.

The next step will be to make the formal request before the central authorities of the CFE, by Grupo ARHE and collectively considering the rest of the beneficiaries with the substation, including the Aerospace Park, as well as the state government.

“Hand in hand and with the collaboration of the state government, the group will make an investment of 180 million pesos to be able to build a substation, where the studies that will be carried out by CENACE indicate that the section will start from El Habal and at least 40 megawatts will be guaranteed with the possibility of having another 40 more and reaching 80 and being able to even give life to the Aerospace Park and housing subdivisions in the area”, he commented.

It was established that the project will have an initial capacity of 40 megawatts until reaching 80 in future development and it will be the company that will provide the resources to guarantee the medium voltage service, as well as feeders and conduction lines that would be operated and regulated by CFE experts.

Recently, the National Customs Agency of Mexico granted the MLC permission for the authorization and administration of the first Strategic Fiscalized Enclosure, RFE; The construction of the electrical substation will be one more step to consolidate the logistics project, whose first stage, in an area of 60 hectares, is under development and will have almost 200 hectares in three stages.

“This marks a before and after in the state and its evolution to become a logistics platform in the Mexican Pacific, it will increase the demand for industrial spaces in Mazatlán and will catalyze the arrival of companies with foreign trade activities,” declared the president of the Council of Administration of Grupo ARHE.